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Newest Champs
Dec 1 2012, 04:07 AMakbar scored 1,370 points playing Shoot 2: Cruise Control
Nov 27 2012, 01:55 AMakbar scored 63,000 points playing Warrior Quest
Nov 26 2012, 11:26 PMakbar scored 336,600 points playing Street Fighter Flash
Nov 17 2012, 03:22 AMakbar scored 51,000 points playing James Bomb
Oct 15 2012, 10:51 PMakbar scored 31,460 points playing Pacman
Latest Scores
Yesterday, 01:42 PMshiju panicker scored 64 points playing Cricket Challenge
Yesterday, 10:23 AMshiju panicker scored 20,240 points playing Bubble Shooter
Feb 15 2018, 01:14 PMshiju panicker scored 192 points playing Word Race

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Collapse 501 Darts
Score 501 in as few darts as possible.
is the champion of 501 Darts
with a score of 41
Collapse Archery 2000
Shoot the target with arrows as it moves across the screen.
is the champion of Archery 2000
with a score of 60
Collapse Autobahn
Drive far as you can without crashing
is the champion of Autobahn
with a score of 24,403
Collapse Bash The Computer
Get bore? Hate computer? Click on the different part of the computer to bash them!
is the champion of Bash The Computer
with a score of 904
Collapse Battle Arena
See in Game
is the champion of Battle Arena
with a score of 650
Collapse Beer Golf
Golf putting game use your putter and hit the ball around beer bottles and into the hole. ***Set Scoring Low***
is the champion of Beer Golf
with a score of 53
Collapse Breakout
Use a ball and paddle to smash your way through a series of regenerating blocks.
is the champion of Breakout
with a score of 36,830
Collapse Bubble Shooter
The goal is to clean the bubbles off the field.
is the champion of Bubble Shooter
with a score of 953,100
Collapse Crazy Pool 2
Hit balls of the same color together.
is the champion of Crazy Pool 2
with a score of 5,086
Collapse Desert Battle
Fly a chopper and shoot missle's
is the champion of Desert Battle
with a score of 35
Collapse Drakojan skies
Action rocket shooting destroy everything.
is the champion of Drakojan skies
with a score of 15,260
Collapse Eastend Arrows
Play 3 rounds of 501
is the champion of Eastend Arrows
with a score of 47
Collapse Festival Of History
Use the crossbow to hit the red centre of the archery board.
is the champion of Festival Of History
with a score of 433
Collapse Gator Hop
How far can you jump the dirt bike
is the champion of Gator Hop
with a score of 271.035
Collapse Hansen Eyebrow World Cup Pinball
Pinball game with a soccer theme.
is the champion of Hansen Eyebrow World Cup Pinball
with a score of 1,286,500
Collapse Hexxagon
Flip and multiply your pieces to take over the computer.
is the champion of Hexxagon
with a score of 110
Collapse James Bomb
Kill all your enemys and find the door to advance.
is the champion of James Bomb
with a score of 51,000
Collapse Jet Ski Racer
A challenging fun jet ski game
is the champion of Jet Ski Racer
with a score of 1,360
Collapse Jurrasic Pinball
Jurassic Pinball is here, plunge the ball and away you go.
shiju panicker
is the champion of Jurrasic Pinball
with a score of 101,100
Collapse Kanga Kick
Kick the rugby ball in between the two posts and get those needed points.
is the champion of Kanga Kick
with a score of 147
Collapse Kicker
Another kickup game
is the champion of Kicker
with a score of 295
Collapse Knife Throw 2
The wheel has 20 targets and your objective is to hit them in numeric order using all your twenty knives.
is the champion of Knife Throw 2
with a score of 43,300
Collapse Little Johns Archery
Little Johns Archery this game is tricky and will keep you busy for hours.
is the champion of Little Johns Archery
with a score of 51,038
Collapse Magic Drops
Matching puzzle game.
is the champion of Magic Drops
with a score of 2,076
Collapse Magic Jet 2
Very long ago people has ability to fly. But something really dangerous and unusual happened to them. A horrible plague spread in their mainland. And only few courageous persons throw down a challenge to this situation. Will you keep out of problems and die alone or be the...
is the champion of Magic Jet 2
with a score of 0
Collapse Midnight Invaders
Easy rocket game. Bomb the prisons and get the prisoners.
is the champion of Midnight Invaders
with a score of 141,524
Collapse Mini Pool 2
Clear the pool table in the fastest time possible.
is the champion of Mini Pool 2
with a score of 4,806
Collapse Monster Mania
Play high , win big !!!
shiju panicker
is the champion of Monster Mania
with a score of 1,177,777
Collapse Moon Lander
Navigate your spaceship onto the different landing pads for points. Each round the gravity gets more intense. Each pad is worth 100 points.
is the champion of Moon Lander
with a score of 10,000
Collapse Moto Stunts
Need Something To Do While Hanging In Midair? How About Pulling Sick Tricks?
shiju panicker
is the champion of Moto Stunts
with a score of 100,726
Collapse Nautilo
Constructs the ship piece to piece in order to reach the next level, but beware of marine creatures: sharks, jellyfish, etc. Recharge your oxygen with the bubbles.
shiju panicker
is the champion of Nautilo
with a score of 5,120
Collapse Pacman
Eat all the little dots without letting the ghosts get you!
is the champion of Pacman
with a score of 31,460
Collapse Plastic Saucer
Fly a plastic spaceship through an obstacle course.
is the champion of Plastic Saucer
with a score of 6,016
Collapse Rings
Click on the blue circles at the right to match the green circles on the template to the left.
is the champion of Rings
with a score of 3,635,900
Collapse Roadtrip
Use your driving skills to avoid the gridlock and make your vacation.
is the champion of Roadtrip
with a score of 49,290
Collapse Shoot 2: Cruise Control
Fans of Time Crisis will bust a nut over this hide/attack shooter.
is the champion of Shoot 2: Cruise Control
with a score of 1,370
Collapse Shooting Fish
shoot fish
is the champion of Shooting Fish
with a score of 1,069,700
Collapse Slingo Matchum
A matching game with a slingo theme.
is the champion of Slingo Matchum
with a score of 49,300
Collapse Submarine
is the champion of Submarine
with a score of 77
Collapse Super Spaceshuttle
Try to avoid the evil balls and catch the diamond!
is the champion of Super Spaceshuttle
with a score of 12,300
Collapse The Transporter 2
Go from start to finish.
is the champion of The Transporter 2
with a score of 31,000
Collapse The Way Home
help the squirrl find its way home!
is the champion of The Way Home
with a score of 1,930
Collapse Trivial Blitz
Pick the correct answers.
is the champion of Trivial Blitz
with a score of 10,350
Collapse Wakeboarding 3
Jump the wake from the boat and do tricks in the air to score points.
is the champion of Wakeboarding 3
with a score of 16,500
Collapse Warrior Quest
Are You Ready For A Fight To The Finish… In This Quest For Immortality?
is the champion of Warrior Quest
with a score of 63,000

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